An In Depth Look At The Camera Hardware And Camera Performance Of The Oppo F19 Pro


The Oppo F19 Pro really does pack a wallop. As the title says, it’s targeted for those on a tight budget. The display is bright and colorful, the camera is good, the build quality isn’t incredible, but the battery life is great. You’ll get plenty of calling time on this phone and you won’t be left wishing you had spent more. Oppo F19 Pro

The Oppo F19 Pro actually offers four different shots: front, back, long shots and macro. I think it’s a great feature, as the F 19 Pro can take great shots no matter where you stand. You can achieve a close up look on your face or just a nice landscape. The F 19 Pro also offers a self-cleaning mechanism, which can help you avoid fingerprints.

The Oppo F19 Pro smartphone offers an eight mega pixel camera, along with a super AMOLED Plus capacitive display. In my opinion, this is actually a nice screen. The color gamut is very vivid and crisp, even on an evident shade of magenta. This phone comes with a decent battery, which should last you several days. The Oppo F19 Pro smartphone offers support for Windows Vista as well, so if you are looking at this as a secondary or primary OS, you will not be disappointed.

This is what you’ll do if you want to keep your work and social life separate. The Oppo F19 Pro has a built in microSD card which supports micro USB charging. It can support other android smartphones, including the LG Optimus Prime, Nokia E71 and HTC Adreno. This is a useful perk for someone who might want to use their smartphone in another android smartphone like the ones mentioned above. The charging mechanism is a quick and smooth one, with all the necessary connections being made simultaneously by the micro USB port.

When it comes to connectivity, the Oppo F19 Pro comes with the standard Bluetooth 2.1 and a SIM slot. It also has a USB cable that you can insert into the USB port of your computer, though this is not a required connection. On the contrary, the phone also comes with a HDMI out port, which allows the user to connect the smartphone to a larger screen television. You can also use the headphones to get rid of the ambient noise. All in all, this is a fine smartphone that is perfect for those who want to be mobile and at the same time remain connected.

If you go in for a camera, the Oppo F19 Pro proves to be just perfect, as the resolution is quite high, providing clearer images than the iPhone 4S and HTC Adreno. The resolution of the Oppo F19 Pro, however, is just the same as that of the iPhone 4S. The iPhone has slightly better camera performance and, as expected, the Oppo F19 Pro does not have as many features as the iPhone. For example, there is no such thing as manual mode on the iPhone, whereas here, you can manually shoot an image by pressing on the camera button. But, on the Oppo F19 Pro, you have to press on the manual button and the camera will start shooting.

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