Facts About the Oppo A15


If you’re a gadget fan and an avid traveler – you’ve probably heard about the Oppo A15. It’s one of the hottest and most sought after smartphones from China. It’s not available in the US and probably won’t be for a while as Apple doesn’t have a non-local product to introduce for quite some time. So, what exactly is the Oppo A15 and what does it have that makes it so different than the iPhone or Android mobiles? a15 oppo

In fact, the OPPO a15 has all the major features and most importantly it has the exceptional camera. You can get it with a Blackberry, iPhone or any other smartphone but it does have something unique. The Oppo A15 has a 13 MP main lens camera which takes up almost half the front and back cameras of other smartphones. As compared to other Smartphones in the same class, it’s a lot smaller and sleeker. This is where the real beauty lies and you should take a good look at the OPPO Avanti 15.

This amazing camera also has two other great features. One, the OPPO a15 has an advanced processor which helps in taking high quality videos and pictures. Next, the phone also has an astounding dual-core Mediatek processor installed inside which is one of the biggest in the industry. This processor can help you play games and even watch your videos without lagging.

Another interesting feature of the OPPO a15 smartphone is the multi-tasking support which lets you run multiple tasks at the same time. The dual-core processor will allow you to run two processes at once by switching between them with the help of the gyro-accelerated process management (GPM). This way, the users can do their emails, play their music and videos and even chat while they are on the go. With this processor, you can say goodbye to battery power.

The OPPO a15 has an amazing display that comes with capacitive technology which has been complimented by the patented Helix luminous display that ensures clear viewing of the screen no matter what the lighting condition is. The bright contrast and bright colors will make your life beautiful. The OPPO AI face unlock is probably the most impressive feature present on this smartphone as it allows you to turn off your auto focus system while you are not near any person. You also get the facility to control brightness from five different levels by either tapping on the centre icon or the menu icon.

Another amazing feature present in this smartphone is the front ai beautification suite which includes a high resolution rear camera along with a high definition front camera. This allows you to capture your moments instantly and make them your own. The OPPO a15 has been loaded with a lot of features such as advanced network protocols, media sharing, Bluetooth, GPRS, USB, WiFi and many more. The device also supports Windows Mobile OS 3.2, so if you have Windows Mobile handset of the same model, you can use this device in order to enjoy the unlimited benefits.

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