How to Find Hidden Messages on iPhone

Tweet here. Tweet there. Tweet everywhere. You can tweet all day long and let the whole world know what you think, what you’re doing and even what you’re selling. Just about anything and everything can be broadcasted on Twitter and the whole world will get your message in real-time. But will your tweets elicit a desired response and call to action from your audience?

In this age of mobile revolution, countless mobile applications are being developed for personal and business use. Twitter is one of the most used mobile applications by professionals and businesses to market their products and services. It is a micro blog that has become more like a news feed where online users can get the latest updates and happenings around the world. how to find hidden text messages on phone

Since its public launching in 2007, Twitter has gained more than 200 million users of different walks in life and for different purposes. Business wise both local and international companies are utilizing this communication platform to market and advertise their company, products and services. Because it is a tool that is highly similar to text messaging with a limit of 140 characters, many ask how both differ and if tweeting is better than texting.

Here are just a few of many cited reasons why text messaging reigns over tweeting:

Handy, convenient, simple and easy to use

Text messaging is no doubt a simple way of communicating. You don’t have to register for any account, download an app, sign in or log out to send your message. There is no need to be online to text and the receiver need not be online either to receive your message. Text messages are sent directly and instantly to the intended receiver’s mobile phone without delay. Although tweets are broadcasted in real-time as well, only online users can view your message. With text messaging you only use your keypad and hit the send button. Twitter on the other hand is complicated especially for non-techy users.

Safe, private and right on target

There’s no denying that Twitter is an amazing application for broadcasting. Unless you tweet as a private message, the whole world or group of users in your niche can read anything you posted. With text messaging, your message will be delivered safely to your audience. With over 200 million tweets daily streaming on a users phone, do you really think they will stop and read your message over the others? Because text messaging is deemed private and more intimate, receivers tend to read every word before deciding to reply or delete.

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